The Ideal B-Start Startup

Innovative, with high-growth potential. Addressing a real problem in the marketplace. Started by (a) passionate, motivated founder(s) who aren't afraid to fail but keep a keen eye on winning.

Founders who understand they can start their business anywhere, but Bloomington has a special place in their hearts and they want to do it here. #MidwestIsTheBest

The ideal B-Start startup is creative, viable, and energized by the ecosystem around it. It thinks the word disrupt is cliche but it disrupts anyway. It bootstraps, hacks, and is crazy about its customer focus.

Examples of B-Start Ideas

Cloud-based peer-to-peer messaging platform, B2C marketplace, charitable giving platform, scheduling software, web app for talent agencies, and many more.

Where They Are Now

B-Starts have gone on to become finalists at the Innovation Showcase in Indianapolis, the Clapp IDEA Competition, IU-Velocity Conference, and more. 

Zach Burr, Tydee Laundry, 2016 Winner of B-Start Demo Day.