Winner of B-Start Demo Day, Zach Burr with Tydee Laundry, and Dana Palazzo speak with Inside Indiana Businses on the Bloomington program



An efficient way for users to exchange business contact information

Business Builders Digital Marketing

Marketing company to design lower cost but highly effective websites for startups or small businesses


A cloud-based platform that will facilitate collaboration and real-time messaging among students of all ages, from elementary school to higher education


An interactive charitable giving platform that will be the new wave in crowdfunding and philanthropy


Through a modern student management platform and marketplace, companies can use Intask to find, manage, and use student freelancers to accomplish intern-like tasks

Plant Software

Automated, web-based, intelligent, scheduling platform

Power Speaker

Provides expert presentation analysis and feedback to both students and adults within 24 hours

Showcase U

Website specifically designed to target students studying the arts providing affordable options for professional headshots and videos showcasing their talents for agents


Subscription and on demand laundry and dry cleaning service for Bloomington residents.