(1st Place Winner)

Critique is the world’s easiest way to use peer feedback in a face-to-face, online, or blended learning environment. Peer feedback is an age old teaching approach shown to boost learning outcomes and improve student work. Critique brings this research-based teaching practice into the digital age with an online platform that engages learners in a cycle of reflection, feedback, and revision on their work-in-progress. Whether you are a K-12 teacher or university faculty, Critique delivers a seamless peer review experience that brings this time-tested approach into the 21st century classroom. View an online version of this application responses here.



(2nd Place Winner)

Gravity’s Edge Martial Arts Tricking (GET) is an online business created by martial arts expert and instructor Brennan Keough. Martial arts tricking, known simply as tricking, is a high-energy underground sport that combines movements from martial arts, gymnastics, acrobatics, and breakdancing to create an aesthetic display of “tricks”. GET is an instructional business that connects highly sought after professional martial arts tricking instructors to martial arts tricking athletes through high-quality tutorials. GET offers the opportunity to conveniently learn from theses premier instructors for only a fraction of what they could pay anywhere else, but at a higher level of quality.



(3rd Place Winner) is a social commerce platform to buy and sell instrumentals. At, music producers can lease and sell their original instrumentals directly to recording artists. Currently, the most efficient process for transacting the sale of original instrumentals is inefficient and involves multiple websites. will serve as the complete instrumental vending platform, including social, commercial, and legal aspects in a central marketplace. will streamline connection and transaction between music producers and recording artists, driving the growth of this niche market rapidly.



A flexible, template based platform that will allow coaches, writers, seminar leaders and other content producers with little technical background to quickly generate iPhone and Android apps for fitness,  health and productivity related content.



College Deedz LLC is a tasking service that is owned and operated by college students. College Deedz aims to provide not only a monetary source for college students, but also a "quick start" way to build a strong resume and get involved with entrepreneurship. At College Deedz, our main goal is to streamline entrepreneurial experience by creating a framework to provide instant web presence, a proven business plan, and a medium to create a lasting resume. We specialize in solving labor oriented residential needs. College Deedz will not employ its taskers, but rather will subcontract them, allowing for more independence.



Economy Loop aims to be a leading Economy digital news platform, which will separate news by Country.  The ultimate goal is to include every country’s Economy news in English language.   News will be pulled, using RSS feeding mechanism by the local news websites.  In other words, the news of local websites will be viewed within the EconomyLoop platform, without redirecting people to another tab. Notwithstanding, the platform will offer convenience to the reader, by enabling the user to choose which country’s economy news to read.



Development of a completely-digital electric guitar sound processor with super high-fidelity that uses a touch screen interface. This system is based on the current prototype that allows to combine multiple effects in one system and perform all signal processing in hardware (and not software), enabling to achieve higher sampling frequencies and resolution, and therefore a much better sound quality. The touch screen interface designed is very different to the one currently find in similar products.  It is used in a different way, allowing to control of the effects and providing information to the musician.



My Startup U. (visit aims to be a catalyst in connecting student entrepreneurs, aspiring student entrepreneurs and, eventually, investors to startups across the United States filtered by college/university. By creating this network, startup entrepreneurs reap the benefit of free marketing, team member search and investor attention. Aspiring student entrepreneurs gain a wealth of information about starting a business and startups, including those looking for student help on their own campus. Long-term, investors gain the benefit of quick information on blooming companies across the United States, organized by college or university (ideal for alumni).



SoundsGood is primarily a recipe and health database mobile application geared toward millennials that will track member grocery purchases and recommend meals complete with cooking instructions. Recommendations will be based on user's desired health, fitness, and previous dietary habits.. In addition, SoundsGood will act as a social platform allowing users to post meals they enjoy and repost meals from restaurants, grocery stores, local shops, and friends Families will have the option of creating a shared account allowing them to coordinate meals more easily than ever before.