All participants in the Bloomington Economic Development Corporation (BEDC) B-Start pre-accelerator program are subject to these terms and conditions, and by participating agree to these terms and conditions:

  1. The B-Start program is a voluntary program to assist Indiana University students and Ivy Tech students learn about the Bloomington entrepreneurial ecosystem and to develop ideas for startups.  As a participant, you agree to discuss your ideas voluntarily and you understand and agree that BEDC assumes no responsibility to ensure confidentiality of any information disclosed during the program.

  2. You understand that on occasion photos and videos may be taken and you release and agree to the use of your image in these photos or videos by BEDC.

  3. You agree that your will hold BEDC and its employees, members, officers, directors, contractors, mentors, volunteers, sponsors, judges, speakers and others involved in the B-Start program harmless from any liability that might arise out of your participation in the program, including costs, expenses and attorney fees, and you waive and release them from any loss, injury or damage liability of any nature.

  4. BEDC will be the final authority in interpreting any terms and conditions.

  5. BEDC may terminate, cancel, suspend or modify the B-Start program in any way or any participant’s participation in the program at any time without notice or explanation.

  6. If more that one participant participates in B-Start and is awarded a prize or honorarium, it will be divided equally among the participants in the project.